New Frontiers School Board

Chateauguay Rezoning

Chateauguay Schools’ Attendance Areas Effective July l, 2017

New Release – Rezoning of Chateauguay Attendance Areas Effective July 1, 2017

PDF map of Chateauguay Attendance Areas 2017-2018

In February 2016, during the consultation process on the “Three-Year Plan for the Allocation & Destination of Immoveable Property”, a potential overcrowding situation at the elementary level in Chateauguay was identified.

This overcrowding issue was studied by our Council of Commissioners. At their meeting of April 5, 2016, a motion was passed that the “Major School Change” policy be enacted. A Committee of Council was formed to look at current and projected enrollments, and the use of our facilities.

It has been determined that overcrowding at Harmony and Mary Gardner Elementary Schools must be addressed. Renovating or constructing a new school is not a viable option as we have capacity within our system. The School Board must therefore consider rezoning the collection areas of its elementary schools.

We invited the public to help us with this task. Five scenarios were considered and feedback was provided.

From November to January, the Committee of Council will study the proposals. Those affected by the retained proposals will be communicated with.

At the Council meeting of February 9, 2017, final proposals were presented and voted on.

We do not take such matters lightly and understand that changes of this nature can be difficult to accept. We will keep our families informed every step of the way. Decisions will be made in the best interest of our students today and for our students in the future.