New Frontiers School Board

Online Payments

online paymentOnline payments for school & daycare fees are available at the following institutions:

  • Bank of Montreal
  • Caisses Desjardins
  • Royal Bank
  • Scotia Bank
  • Toronto Dominion


What can be paid online?

  • Daycare Fees
  • School (levy) Fees
  • Student Supervision (noon-hour) Fees

Some schools may offer online payments for field trips, sports, and other activities; your school will communicate this to you.

Note: Outstanding balances of Student Supervision Fees from 2014-2015  and prior years (secondary), and 2015-2016 and prior years (elementary) can be paid at the School Board by cheque or cash.

Before you start have your statement of accounts/invoices on hand!

  • Each statement of account/invoice will have its own “Internet Reference Number”.
  • Each “Internet Reference Number” will have to be registered and paid as a separate transaction.


The Internet Reference Number
is an 18 digit alpha-numeric code that looks something like this: XX9990000000999999

What the code means:

  • The first two letters indicate the type of fee (DC for Daycare, SF for School Fees);
  • The next 3 numbers identify your school;
  • The following 7 numbers identify your child; and
  • The last 6 numbers identify the parent payer.

Note: If your child changes schools, this personalized internet reference number will also change and must be updated on your banking site!


If you have any questions or concerns, email us at; we are here to help!

PDF – NFSB Online Payment flyer