New Frontiers School Board

NFSB’s 2019 Summer School Session runs from July 8 to August 2, 2019.

Due to construction projects at both of our high schools, classes will take place at NOVA Career Centre in Chateauguay and the Chateauguay Valley Career Education Centre (CVCEC) in Ormstown.

If your child could benefit from summer school, you will be contacted directly by the school’s administration in the coming days.

You can also opt for your child to attend summer school to both improve their grades, and/or to get a better understanding of the course content.

We will be offering traditional “in-school” courses and certain courses ONLINE through our partnership with LEARN Quebec. Click here: . 

If you need access to our computer labs for your child to follow online courses, please contact our summer school coordinator at

Navigating through your child’s summer school options can be complicated, depending on the courses they need. 

Our staff is here to help! For more information, guidance, and registration, it’s best to come in person.

  • July 2 and 3 – 8:30 to 3:30 at Howard S. Billings
  • July 10 and 11 – 8:30 to 3:30 at Nova Career Centre


Bus Transportation from the Chateauguay Valley to CVCEC and HSB

July 8 to July 26

MORNING Pick up times
6:30 Gault Institute.
7:00  Heritage Elementary
7:15  CVCEC Ormstown for students following courses at CVCEC
7:30  Howick Elementary
8:00  Arrival at Nova Career Centre

AFTERNOON drop off times
3:45 Depart Nova Career Centre
4:15 Howick Elementary
4:30 CVCEC
4:50 Gault Institute
5:15 Heritage Elementary

July 29 to August 2
Transportation will be provided MORNING ONLY. Students will have to make arrangements for the afternoon return home.

Supplemental Exams

Students can register for Secondary IV and V supplemental exams ONLY, without following the two-week tutorial…although it’s not recommended.  Registration for supplemental exams ONLY takes place until July 24 at Nova Career Centre from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. every day.

Exams for Secondary IV and V courses take place at Nova Career Centre, as per the Ministry of Education’s schedule below.

Course Name Course # Exam Type Exam Date Exam Time
English Language Arts 612-520 Reading July 29 9am to 12pm
English Language Arts 612-530 Production July 30 1pm to 4pm
English Language Arts 612-530 Production July 31 9am to 12pm
French Second Language 634-510 Oral July 31
1pm to 4pm
French Second Language 634-520 Comprehension July 26 9am to 12pm
French Second Language 634-530 Production Aug 1 9am to 11pm
History of Quebec and Canada 587-404 July 29 1pm to 4pm
Mathematics CST Sec 4 563-420 Reasoning July 30 9am to 12pm
Mathematics TS Sec 4 564-420 Reasoning July 30 9am to 12pm
Mathematics SN Sec 4 565-420 Reasoning July 30 9am to 12pm
Mathematics CST Sec 5 563-520 Reasoning July 30 9am to 12pm
Science and Technology 555-410 Theory Aug 2 9am to 12pm