Coronavirus – Info

Elementary Schools will reopen on May 11 or May 19, 2020, depending on the region. Opening May 11, 2020 Franklin Elementary, Gault Institute, Hemmingford Elementary, Heritage Elementary, Howick Elementary, Ormstown Elementary Closed until further notice, but online learning continues. Centennial Park School, Harmony Elementary, Mary Gardner School, St. Willibrord Elementary Parents will receive an email with a form to complete to let us know whether or not your child will be attending. This info is due back one week before the reopening. Email your child’s school or NFSB at if you did not receive the email or have any questions. We will do our best to answer asap! General email addresses – Elementary Schools Centennial Park School – Franklin Elementary – Gault Institute – Harmony Elementary – Hemmingford Elementary – Heritage Elementary – Howick Elementary – Mary Gardner School- Ormstown Elementary – St. Willibrord Elementary – High Schools will remain closed, but distance education continues. Adult/Career Education Centres continues with a blend of online and in-person learning. Visit our NFSB’s Continuing Education website at Click hereĀ  for the Quebec Government’s FAQ section about education during the COVID-19 crisis   Click hereĀ  for the NFSB At-Home Learning Page Quebec COVID-19/Coronavirus info-line 1 877 644-4545 NFSB Communications April 7, 2020 – Letter from Rob Buttars, NFSB Director General – Local Food Banks March 30, 2020 – Letter from Rob Buttars, NFSB Director General March 17, 2020 – Letter from NFSB Educational Services — Attachment from NFSB Educational Services letter March 12, 2020 – Parent/Teacher Interviews Postponed March 11, 2020 – Letter to NFSB Communities March 9, 2020 – Letter to NFSB Communities Other Links Government of Canada “Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)” web page. Includes up-to-date information, and helpful downloads in English and French Government of Quebec “Coronavirus COVID-19” web page.