New Frontiers School Board

Daycare Services

Group Of Young Friends TogetherMany of our elementary schools offer daycare services. Each day, your child will receive professional care before and after school, as well as on pedagogical days. Children have access to a variety of educational, pedagogical, physical and cultural activities. Click here to download our Daycare Brochure or contact your school’s daycare for fees and any additional information.

Centennial Park School Daycare

450 692-4550

Gault Institute Daycare

450 373-6464

Harmony Elementary Daycare

450 691-1517

Hemmingford Elementary Daycare

450 247-2924

Heritage Elementary Daycare

450 264-5482

Howick Elementary Daycare

450 825-2606

Mary Garder School Daycare

450 691-0687

St. Willibrord School Daycare

438 995-3684