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École Régionale Brenda-Milner Regional School

Chateauguay’s new school for students with special needs will be the ÉCOLE RÉGIONALE BRENDA-MILNER REGIONAL SCHOOL

This project is the result of a partnership between the Commission scolaire des Grandes-Seigneuries and the New Frontiers School Board. With a regional mandate, the school will accommodate students aged 4 to 21, at the preschool, elementary and secondary levels, who have a profound or moderate-to-severe intellectual disability and associated disorders.

Construction began in winter, 2018, and when completed, will accommodate up to 85 Francophone and Anglophone students and almost as many staff. The building and site design allow for future expansion to increase capacity to a total of 140 students. The school includes 16 classrooms, multi-sensory rooms, and specialized areas for occupational therapy, music therapy, hygiene needs, meal preparation, a therapeutic pool, gymnasium and an outdoor playground.

Chateauguay, January 14, 2019 Members of the Council of Commissioners of the Commission scolaire des Grandes-Seigneuries (CSDGS) and the New Frontiers School Board (NFSB) unanimously approved, on Tuesday, December 11 and Tuesday, December 18, 2018, the name of the new specialized school in Châteauguay: École régionale Brenda-Milner Regional School. This name was selected from among the 334 proposals received following a request to community members to submit ideas to name the new school. A selection committee made up of CSDGS and NFSB representatives noted the many submissions were received and, at the end of their discussion, the name of Brenda Milner was chosen due to the impact her work has had on the advancement of children’s education.

Biography of Brenda Milner

Born in Manchester, England, on July 15, 1918, Dr. Brenda Milner is one of the leading neuroscientists of the twentieth century. In 1944, she moved to Montreal and began teaching psychology at the Université de Montréal. Affiliated with the Montreal Neurological Institute of McGill University since 1950, Dr. Milner’s research on the functioning of the brain, and particularly on memory, has been widely recognized. Dr. Milner holds more than 20 honorary titles, including the Order of Canada.

Today, at 100 years old, this exceptional and active woman is nicknamed “The Grand Dame of Memory”.

“Dr. Milner is an inspiring woman and a model of perseverance for all. To advance knowledge in her field, as she was able to do brilliantly, she had to push ever further the curiosity that animates her, the strength that characterizes her and that has allowed her to innovate. By her scientific contribution, she has influenced more than a generation of researchers, thereby enhancing the education and human possibilities to overcome certain obstacles. It is by taking inspiration from her career that the students of our specialized school will be able to bring out their strength and use their full potential in an environment adapted to their needs.” –  Marie-Louise Kerneïs, Chair of the CSDGS, when the name of the new school was adopted.

We only have to mention the name Brenda Milner to people working in the field of neuroscience around the world and they will smile. Dr. Milner has had tremendous impact through her work in neuroscience, neuropsychology and neurosurgery while teaching at McGill University. It is very fitting to name our new school « Ecole régionale Brenda-Milner Regional School » not only in light of Dr. Milner’s research and insights into the functioning of the human brain which she shared with educators and fellow researchers, but because she will celebrate her 101th birthday in July of this year! We look forward to having Dr. Milner at our official opening of the new school.” – David D’Aoust, Chair of the New Frontiers School Board.

Selection committee

Members of the committee for the CSDGS were Mrs. Marie-Louise Kerneïs, Chair of the Council of Commissioners, Mr. Eric Allard, Commissioner, Mrs. Valérie Roy, Parent Commissioner, Ms. Kathlyn Morel, Director General Nathalie Marceau, Director of the General Secretariat and Communications Branch and Mr. Christian Trudeau, Director of the new school. For the NFSB: Mr. David D’Aoust, Chair of the Council of Commissioners, Mrs. Lina Chouinard, Commissioner, Mrs. Debra Wright, Commissioner and Chair of the Parent Committee, Ms. Shannon Keyes, Parent Commissioner, Mr. Rob Buttars, Director General, and Mr. Gary Tennant, Secretary General.

Brenda-Milner Regional School

This new specialized school, scheduled to open for the 2019–2020 school year, is the result of a partnership between the Commission scolaire des Grandes-Seigneuries and the New Frontiers School Board. It will have a regional mandate and will accommodate students, ages 4 to 21, with profound or moderate-to-severe intellectual disabilities and associated disorders. A first on the territory of the Montérégie-Ouest!

Chateauguay, September 6, 2016.  The New Frontiers School Board confirms the announcement of the construction of a specialized school in Chateauguay. The Chair of the Council of Commissioner of the New Frontiers School Board, Mr David D’Aoust, and his colleague commissioners, including Vice-Chair Mr John Ryan, announced to school board employees on August 26, 2016, that funding from the Ministry of Education & Superior Education, has been granted to both the New Frontiers School Board and the Commission scolaire des Grandes-Seigneuries, in the amount of $19M for the construction of a new school in Chateauguay to accommodate students with special needs. Click here for the full Communique.


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