New Frontiers School Board

Providing Alternative Student Support Program (PASS)

NFSB’s Providing Alternative Student Support Program (PASS) is for CVR and HSB students who are struggling academically, behaviourally, or personally in their regular school environments.

Students are recommended for the program by their vice principal. A PASS teacher and a social work technician work then with the school to create a tailored program for each student.

Our student-centered, family-like atmosphere at the PASS campus in Huntingdon gives students the chance to reboot, reflect, and reintegrate back to their school over a period that varies on a case-by-case basis. Students can better reflect on their situations when they are away from their school. PASS provides that opportunity. Located at our Huntingdon Adult Education and Community Centre, transportation is provided from H.S. Billings and C.V.R. High Schools.

Academic progress is monitored daily to ensure the student’s return to school is successful. The program also uses a holistic approach, understanding that there are many issues outside of the classroom that contribute to a student’s outlook and achievement.

Launched in 2013, the PASS program has a track record of working successfully with students. In 2017, the program was presented an Excellence in Education award from the Quebec English School Board Association in the category of Innovation in Teaching or Program Delivery.

Students are recommended for PASS for many of reasons. Is your child struggling? Contact your child’s vice principal to find out if NFSB’s PASS Program is the right option to help your child succeed.