New Frontiers School Board

Bilingual Program

The Bilingual Program is designed for the majority of our students, offering instruction in both English and French. While the number and types of courses offered in French vary from school to school, most schools strive to offer between 30 and 50 percent of their instruction in French. This program is offered in all schools with the exception of Gault Institute in Valleyfield.

English Program

The English Program is designed for students who choose to complete their high school curriculum in English, or for students who have struggled in the bilingual program at the elementary level. Only one basic French Second Language course is offered in the students’ program of study. This program is offered in both high schools.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Around the globe, schools seek authorization to become an IB World School. HSB is proud to be one of close to 4,000 schools in 147 countries to be an authorized IB school. The IB program is an enriched program of study which offers students the opportunity to develop international mindedness and their communication skills through innovative approaches to learning, both inside the classroom and out. Many courses are offered in French, and students follow either a Science Focus or a Liberal Arts Focus in the senior grade levels. Students graduating from the Howard S. Billings IB Program receive an official IB Certificate, which is recognized globally. This program is offered at Howard S. Billings High School. An entrance exam is required.


The Universal Program is an enriched bilingual program with students taking “Français langue d’enseignement” at each grade level along with other compulsory courses taught in French. A New Frontiers School Board and CVR certificate are awarded to those students who successfully complete the program.  The Universal Program is offered at Chateauguay Valley Regional High School. An entrance exam is required.


Option-études is an innovative and stimulating two-year program (Secondary I and II) aimed at fostering success through students’ passion for  an active and healthy lifestyle, community, and entrepreneurship. Half the class is made up of English students, half French students. Students learn the cultural, social and environmental aspects of each activity in a structured bilingual environment. Students spend half the year at École Gabrielle-Roy and half the year at Howard S. Billings High School. Application forms are available to Grade 6 students through their elementary school in January, or at Howard S. Billings High School.

Learning Centres

Small classes allow students to be assisted in their daily academic and social school programs with the aid of a teacher, an education assistant, and a behaviour technician. Learning Centre students are integrated into the regular classrooms during selected subject periods. The small class size and the inclusive model of integration provide the students with an excellent opportunity for intensive teaching and guidance.  Learning Centre programs are available in a number of our elementary schools and both high schools. For more information about our Learning Centres, please contact our Educational Services Department.

Work-Oriented Training Pathway

This program gives students the opportunity to obtain practical training in the workplace. It is for students who have not been successful in English and Math and who are at least 15 years of age. The Work Oriented Training Path consists of two separate programs:

Preparation for Employment
is a three-year program designed for students who have not met the requirements of the elementary level programs for English and Mathematics.  The Pre-Work Training program allows students to progress at their own pace in a variety of subjects while preparing them to carry out their roles as adults, citizens and workers.  In Years II and III of the program, Pre-Work students spend a significant amount of time preparing to enter the work force.  Students receive an official MELS Pre-Work Training Certificate upon successful completion of the three-year program.  Students who progress well in the Pre-Work Training program, can transfer into the Semi-skilled Trades program in their third year of study.

Training for Semiskilled Occupations is a one-year program intended for students who are still working towards achievement in Secondary Cycle One level English and Mathematics.  Students receive intensive instruction in the three core subjects of English, French and Math, at the same time as developing the competencies required to carry out a specific semi-skilled trade.  Semi-Skilled Trades students must complete 375 hours of work in a business environment outside of the school, and are evaluated according to industry standards.  Upon successful completion of this one-year program, students receive an official MELS Semi-Skilled Trade certificate.  After completing the Semi-Skilled Trades program, students have many options.  They can continue their academic education in a high school, depending upon their age, or in the Adult Education sector.  Alternatively, they can return and complete a second year of training for a different Semi-Skilled Trade, if they so desire. Our W.O.T.P. Program is offered at Chateauguay Valley Regional High School and Howard S. Billings  High School.


You may choose to homeschool your child. Note that there are guidelines to follow, and you must provide an educational experience equivalent to that offered at school. Click here for more information.