New Frontiers School Board

Student Supervision Fees

Annually, the School Board determines the cost of providing lunch hour supervision for our students. Following consultation with our Parents’ Committee, the Council of Commissioners votes to approve Student Supervision Fee amounts.

This service is not funded by the Quebec Ministry of Education. Consequently, our Council of Commissioners has resolved that Student Service Fees be self-financing, it has also resolved that:

  • the fees charged for student supervision for the 2018-2019 year be:
    • $150 per elementary student
    • $36 per high school student
  • a $20 collection fee be imposed for all collection notices sent by registered or certified mail;
  • a $25 administration fee, exclusive of any collection fee previously imposed by the collection agency, be added to each uncollected account to defray the cost to the Board for collecting unpaid accounts that will undergo legal collection procedures after a “third and final notice” has been issued;
  • all additional fees imposed by the collection agency be at the expense of the debtor; and
  • a $20 service charge be imposed on all returned items (NSF cheques, stop payment, etc.) related to the payment of the Student Service Fees.

Other Fees/Charges

You may also have to pay fees for the following:

  • Specialized programming;
  • Non-educational field trips;
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • School fees;
  • Personal materials;
  • Uniforms;
  • Gym clothes;
  • etc.