Departments and Services

Director General's Office

Mike Helm
Director General

The Director General’s Office is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the School Board. The Director General manages the administrative and communications teams, and ensures that law and policy are being adhered to. The DG’s office also works closely with the Council of Commissioners.


Assistant Director General & Secretary General

Joyce Donohue
ADG & Secretary General
The Assistant Director General works closely with the Director General; the Secretary General’s office supports the Council of Commissioners,  and is responsible for school elections, the complaints process, archives, and access to information.

Continuing Education

Chantal Martin

Continuing Education manages both Adult Education and Vocational Education at NFSB. Whether you want to finish high school, learn a trade or just explore the various options available to you, visit

Educational Services

Joanne Malowany
The team includes psychologists, subject consultants, speech and language pathologists, guidance counsellors and support staff whose mission is to ensure each student’s success by supporting our teachers, staff, students and families.

Financial Services

Terence Savoie

The finance team manages everything financial for the school board, schools, centres, daycares, and school taxes. The team also directs the distribution of all funding from the education ministry to our schools and centres. 

Human Resources

Cuthbert McIntyre

Human Resources manages NFSB employees’  “life cycle” including hiring, union negotiations, absence management and benefit administration.

Material Resources

Eric Colbert
Thanks to a team of custodians and maintenance workers whose dedication ensures our buildings are clean, safe, and in a good state of repair, the Material Resources Department provides a healthy and safe environment for our staff and students.

Systems & Information Technology

Kara Johnstone

The Department of Systems & Information Technology manages not only the IT infrastructure, but also internal systems that produce data and results to help us make informed decisions.



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School Taxes


450 691-1440 ext 257

School Transportation


450 691-6955

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