Get Involved!

Whether you want to volunteer at your child’s school when needed, or be involved in a more official capacity, opportunities exist for you to get involved from the moment your child starts school!

Before September 30 of every new school year, there is an annual general meeting/assembly of parents. This meeting is the gateway to parental involvement at school and is open to all parents of students who attend the school. At this meeting:
• Parents are elected to the Governing Board;
• Parents are elected to be on the central Parents’ Committee (one parent per school); and
• the Parent Participation Organization is formed if the parents in attendance so decide.

For more information regarding parental involvement visit: Regroupement des comités de parents autonomes du Québec (RCPAQ)

Governing Boards

Each NFSB School & Centre has its own Governing Board as mandated by the Quebec Ministry of Education.

Working together with the school principal, the Governing Board plays a vital role in determining a school’s direction. Governing Boards are responsible for approving and overseeing a variety of issues including: the school’s educational projects, implementing the school’s regulation policy, the time allocated to each subject, the school budget and the student supervision policy.

Parents’ Committee

The Parents’ Committee is mandated by the Quebec Education Act. It is composed of one parent from each school. It is from this committee that our four parent commissioners are elected:
• one representing the elementary parents
• one representing the high school parents
• one “at large”, and
• one representing the Special Needs Advisory Committee.

The Parents’ Committee provides a direct link between governing boards and the Council of Commissioners.

Besides being an important voice of parents to the Council, the Parents’ Committee’s goals are to inform parents and foster parental engagement. It has been doing this for many years by partnering with the School Board to organize the annual governing board training session, and workshops on various topics of interest to our families.

Parent Participation Organization (PPO)

The Parent Participation Organization provides an opportunity for a larger number of parents to be involved in the day-to-day life of their school.

The PPO encourages the collaboration of parents in developing, implementing, and periodically evaluating the school’s educational project. The PPO may also advise the parent representatives on the governing board of matters of concern to them. The existence of a PPO is decided at the annual general meeting of parents, which also decides on its composition and its operating rules.

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