Special Needs Advisory Committee (SNAC)

At SNAC, you are surrounded by others who know and understand the perspective and challenges of being a parent of a child with special education needs.

Upcoming Meetings!

October 5, 2022
7:00 pm

Our first meeting of the 2022-2023 school year!

This in-person meeting will take place at the NFSB Head Office
(214 McLeod, Chateauguay)

On October 5, Sue-Anne Ross, our Coordinator of Complementary Services, will provide an overview of the committee, and her department’s role in helping students with special needs. Elections of parent members will also take place including:
Parent Commissioner
A member for the Parents’ Committee.

At SNAC, you are surrounded by people who understand the reality and challenges of being a parent of a child with special needs.




What is SNAC?

Mandated by Quebec’s Education Act, each school board in Quebec must have a Special Needs Advisory Committee. The committee provides input to the NFSB on policies, guidelines and funding pertaining to students with special needs.

Stay in your lane? Well…we have two! 

  1. 🚗Each meeting is actually an “information-session” open to all NFSB parents and guardians of children with special needs. Topics vary from month-to-month, and may include guest speakers and experts providing information and resources related to their fields.
  2. 🚗Each meeting is also an official meeting of the school board for elected members of the committee to discuss, provide feedback, and sometime even vote on agenda items related to services provided to students with different educational needs.

There are approximately six evening meetings a year, of about two hours each. Meetings are currently held online through Microsoft Teams. Setup is easy and you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to get going! Just a device and a link. Send a quick email to snac@nfsb.qc.ca we’ll send the meeting link along to you.

Who is on the committee?

SNAC members are elected each year at the September meeting.

The committee is composed of:

  • Nine parents of students with special needs. Parent members are elected and form the majority of the Committee (we have at least one elementary school parent, one high school parent, one representing the Chateauguay area, and one representing the Chateauguay Valley)
  • NFSB’s Coordinator of Complementary Services
  • Representatives from NFSB’s administration, professionals, teachers, and support staff

By becoming member of SNAC, you will develop a better understanding of the funding and services that are provided for your child at school. You will also learn about available support networks and have an opportunity to voice questions and make suggestions to the school board on the organization of services. SNAC also plans and organizes guest speakers and information sessions for all families of children with special education needs.

Although only members of the committee can vote on agenda items, meetings are open to anyone interested in learning more about special education topics and resources provided to students with special needs.



Click here for more information about NFSB’s services for students with special education needs.

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